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10 action adventures and lazy days you can enjoy in Mtunzini

Barge trips

Cruise the Mtunzini lagoon aboard one of the sedate barge trips on offer, keeping a sharp eye out for the abundant bird life and the occasional crocodile.

Mangrove forest

Explore a magical mangrove forest by ambling along a short trail that gives you all the time in the world to find some of nature’s hidden treasures one of the best preserved examples of natural mangrove in South Africa.


Test yourself against the elements by taking on Mtunzini’s 18-hole golf course. This SAGA-affiliated course offers magnificent views of the surrounding greenery of Mtunzini, as well as stunning views of the ocean and the Umlalazi Estuary, no matter what your handicap.

Crab hunting

Mind your fingers as you hunt Fiddler crabs among the nearby mangroves and watch out for other mysterious creatures that live by the water’s edge.

Bird watching

Get your binoculars out and spot the rare birds that make Mtunzini their home throughout the year. There are plenty of self-guided trails through a host of safe and unspoilt habitats, making it an excellent area for birding.

Raffia Palm Monument

Visit a local natural wonder at the readily accessible Raffia Palm Monument, home to South Africa’s rarest breeding bird of prey Gypohierax Angolensis - more commonly know as the palm-nut vulture - and enjoy the serene surroundings the palm grove offers.

Running & biking trails

Run and mountain bike around the local trails, or test your endurance when the The Mtunzini Athletic Club hosts its annual 16km Bush Run, or ride into history with a victory in the Mtunzini Classic mountain bike race.


Savour the thrill of success or the frustration of failure by trying the local fishing spots. You’ve got options too. Fish from the river bank surrounded by the forest and the sounds of nature, or book a deep sea fishing excursion and try your luck in the Indian Ocean.


Find a quiet spot to relax on Mtunzini Beach, it’s easy. Flanked by impressive dunes and the vast ocean, take the time to enjoy this peaceful, beautiful and romantic setting, with a steady stroll, invigorating swim or an afternoon nap on the sand.

Mtunzini trails

Work off your big breakfast with a brisk hike along the Mtunzini Trails. Taking you through the Umlazi Nature Reserve there are different trails ready to match your enthusiasm. One of the best is just short 15 minute loosener that will take you through one of the most outstanding examples of mangrove forest in the country, via the famous John Dunn's Pool.

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